First when you receive the parcel , please check the package ,Unexpected package was found during acceptance. Take a picture or take a video. Be sure to take a picture of the box. Look for signs of damage outside the box. Be clear and take a picture of the contents. If it is packaged and reinforced, take a break. Check it out, whether it is in good condition, whether it is complete, take a photo of the order, etc.

We support seven days unconditional refund

When customers apply for returns online, please ensure that:

1. The product packaging is complete without unpacking, and the relevant attachments are complete;

2. No scratches, no wear (broken), no bumps, no use, no disassembly, etc.

3. Anti-counterfeiting marks, labels or other anti-counterfeiting measures are not scraped, torn, modified or altered (if any), the unique three-pack card cannot be lost or torn (if any);

4. If there are gifts, the gifts must also be returned.

If you use the hair such as cut the lace or make a wig with our product , it’s not in the Not in the return condition. Please contact us before you shipping back!

Return back address:

Adress: 11th floor room 11009 No.222 longtou market guangyuanxilu Yuexiu area Guangzhou Guangdong China
Recipient: Konner·Gao
Phone number: +86 13356511966